Weed Control Services

Weed Control

Weed control is an essential landscaping service

Weeds are a hindrance every home and business owner has to deal with at some point and are a common enemy to face in the world of lawn care. Weed control is a large part of keeping yards looking clean. Weeds are typically grasses or any plant that doesn’t grow where it’s supposed to grow. Pesky weeds can creep up in flower beds.

Included in our monthly rate for our landscaping service is weed control. We will spray the weed killer in flower beds and any other areas around the property that are sprouting weeds. Flower beds can be spruced up every few months, or at the request of the customer. A fresh flower bed with no weeds helps to beautify a property. This is the case for residential or commercial landscapes.

How our landscaping service helps prevent weeds:

  • It is easy to apply herbicides incorrectly, this can damage your lawn
  • taking advantage of our weeding services helps to prevent the spread of weeds. Mulching covered the surface of your lawn, this doesn’t allow the seeds of weeds to get the necessary nutrients to germinate.
  • Our mowing services try to keep abreast of weeds in your yard, mowing higher can help prevent weeds
  • Hand pulling weeds is tedious and doesn’t always get the job done especially when the weeds are more fully developed. Hand pulling weeds is only effective when the weeds are young and the soil is moist to make pulling them easier

Our services can take back your lawn and help beautify your property whether it’s a business or your own home!


Lawn care service tips can be talked about at any time with any of our Coastal Greens employees. All of the lawn maintenance guys are experienced in the area of grass problems, or lawn-related issues. Also, the owner is always available to talk one on one regarding lawn care service options, basic lawn care maintenance services, helpful garden tips, and more!

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