Sometimes, it really can be a chore trying to take care of your lawn. Maintaining it to an adequate standard requires you to mow, trim, fertilize, and curing. If you’d rather leave this up to someone else, you should probably consider hiring a Lawn Service.

Here are some tips below that can ensure that the Lawn Service company you hire will do the right job.

  1. Deciding what you even want from a Lawn Service will save you a lot of the trouble when searching for one. Most offer fertilizing, weed and lawn-damaging pest control, mowing, and small tree and shrub maintenance.
  2. Talking to neighbors who already use Lawn Services is a great way to determine which services operate in your area and whether they are satisfied with their work or not. They are close by, why not ask?
  3. Requesting a lawn inspection and a free estimate of service costs is a necessity because no two lawns are the same. Be very wary of companies who quote guaranteed annual prices without even seeing your lawn.
  4. Asking about their prices and what services are included is a no brainer when inquiring about Lawn Services. Some companies might require a yearly contract; others will do work on verbal agreements that can be discontinued by the client at any time.
  5. Inquiring about a yearly fee is another great step in the inquiry process. You can usually save a chunk of change by paying upfront for the whole year. Besides, it’s easier to get it over with once a year than to have to pay per each treatment.
  6. Ask about the company’s philosophy and methods. Do they use long-acting fertilizers? (This is a good thing.) Do they check your soil before recommending a certain fertilization program? (This is another good thing.)
  7. Understanding what services the company is proposing to provide before work starts is another crucial thing. It’s best to find out what treatments are included, approximately when they will be applied and what results can be expected. These are not the best times to get a surprise.
  8. Find out what exactly is guaranteed. Some will assure performance, others might refund your money if the work is not up to par.
  9. Make sure your service of choice is licensed to apply lawn-care products as required by your state.
  10. Check with your local Better Business Bureau to find more information on a specific lawn service company’s service record.

These are just a handful of tips to finding and hiring Lawn Services to take care of your lawn, whether you’re a residential or a commercial property owner. For information about our Lawn Services, be sure to contact Coastal Greens Lawn Care today!