Lawn Maintenance Services

There is just something about a great lawn that makes your house look amazing. Your lawn can be seen as quite a distinct component of your property which is why it tends to impact the value of your overall home. However, property owners usually fail to fully utilize their land as the task can end up becoming too difficult. On the other hand, Coastal Green’s Quality lawn care and maintenance will help yards look beautiful, stay healthy, and maintain its high quality features year-round. At Coastal Green, we offer a wide variety of different services that treat your lawn in an appropriate manner but also enhance the health and strength of it as well thus ensuring that it will be able to last longer from season to season. We understand a lawn isn’t just grass – it’s just a long-term investment, like a car. For example,if  your car runs better with frequent check-ups,  it will cost so much less to have regular maintenance than major repairs. Your lawn is the exact same way. Regular services will help keep it healthy, as well as costing less in the long run. As you well know, your home is your single and one of your biggest investments in your life. By maintaining a healthy and well-groomed lawn not only makes you feel better, but it also increases your house’s curb appeal and overall value as well. It’s best to find professionals to work on your lawn, like a reputable lawn maintenance & service company. At Coastal Greens Lawn Care, we are in the business of checking up on your lawn and landscape to protect your investment. 

Whether you are looking for a beautiful landscape or a place for your kids and any pets to simply play in, our best-trained crew can perform an amazing lawn maintenance job. Our professional crew hold the ability to perform several different on-site lawn care services, including edging, blowing and maintaining and even  trimming your trees, hedges and bushes. We do everything from pulling weeds and hand weeding to applying weed killer to maintaining your flower beds so that you can enjoy a luscious, well-maintained landscape without all the hassles of maintaining it yourself which might even cause more stress. When applying weed killer, we also make sure to provide the appropriate nutrients to your lawn so that your grass can be protected and chances of further weed growth can be diminished. We also provide leaf removal services and thoroughly clean up all debris from your landscaped areas during every visit.

Whether you’re a home or business owner, maintaining your landscape can be a huge undertaking. If you’re feeling more than a little overwhelmed about it, you can entrust all of your lawn maintenance needs in Palm Bay FL to our qualified landscapers at Coastal Greens Lawn Care. We provide a regular residential and commercial lawn maintenance program for those who expect proper, year-round care of their exterior landscape. No yard is too big or too small to benefit from our expert lawn care.

Our landscapers provide services that help keep your grass green and lush, eliminating clover or dandelions and preventing crabgrass from appearing. A healthy lawn also helps keep out disease. Our lawn maintenance professionals review your unique situation and can tailor a lawn care approach for your yard based on their knowledge of your specific geographic area, soil types, growing conditions, grass varieties, considering everything from the climate in the area to average, approximate rainfall rates per month. 


Some benefits that can arise from hiring us for Lawn Maintenance include: 


Avoiding Accidental Damage

If you have little knowledge of lawn maintenance and don’t mind practicing, you could actually end up doing some serious harm to your lawn if you try to do it on your own, from over- or under watering to cutting your grass just a tad too short.

Less Physical Labor For You

Lawn care can be seen as intensive labor. By having to spend a day taking care of their yard, it’s not unusual for people to encounter sore muscles or even death. Older homeowners are particularly at risk of falling, becoming sunburned, or over-exercising themselves when they try to handle their own lawn care. If you’re struggling with mobility issues, illness, or just don’t feel up to mowing your lawn, you ‘re definitely going to take advantage of hiring a professional to keep your yard in top form.


At first, this one may seem intuitive to counter. After all, how do you save money shopping for lawn care services? Think of something like this. How much would you need to spend on the machines, chemicals and other things needed to look for your lawn properly? If you have all this stuff just laying around your house, recruiting a specialist who already has everything they need can be cheaper for you. Even, by recruiting a trainer, you stop having to pay to repair errors caused by lack of experience. The consequences of inadequate lawn care can be minimized by specialists. They will also help you stop spending money on items that are not working properly.

Finally, by growing the value of your own house, investing in skilled lawn care companies will actually pay off big time at the end of the day. If at some stage you do in fact  intend to sell your house, a well-kept front and backyard would seriously raise the overall curb appeal of your property. The lawn is one of the first things that potential buyers will notice when they appear to look at your home.

Outdoor Quality

With a well maintained grass area comes the ability for oxygen to spread thus resulting in the lawn being able to absorb any necessary pollutants including carbon dioxide, dust, and soot that could negatively impact the air quality both inside and outside your house. Not to mention, with the appropriate lawn maintenance,  more rainfall will be absorbed by the grass and the freshly cut lawn will be able to return any moisture which can in turn be used by anyone. 

Curb Appeal

Once again, by letting us perform any lawn maintenance services that are required, your home will develop a new sense of beauty as well as character. Any unnecessary shrubs or weeds will be removed thus leading its true ambiance shine. Also, the property value of the home itself will most likely go up as appearance places a big role when it comes to value. 


Looking for local lawn care services and lawn maintenance companies in your area? Contact us today for lawn maintenance near you. Our trusted landscapers can help you achieve the ideal lawn you’ve always wanted while keeping your lawn and landscape healthy at a great price.

We are committed to delivering you the very best in lawn care service as well as doing the best job possible and beyond. We take pride in our work and will treat your lawn like our own.

Contact Coastal Greens Lawn Care today to learn how our lawn maintenance services can help set your home apart! Let us be your lawn care service company and start improving your lawn today.