Lawn Irrigation Services

How effective is your lawn irrigation system? If you’re experiencing leaks, water runoff, or any other type of problem with your sprinklers, turn to the team that knows best. We’ve taken watering systems to a whole new level by developing the most efficient and effective way to maintain a beautiful lawn.

At Coastal Greens Lawn Care, we know that having a proper, functioning irrigation system for your lawn does more than simply water the grass. That’s why we offer a comprehensive line of professional irrigation system services to homes as well as  business owners throughout Brevard County. Our watering strategies and solutions allows moisture to penetrate through the turf, strengthening soil and the roots throughout your landscapes for long-term, sustainable results.

Whether you have an old irrigation system or you’re looking to implement one for the first time, our team of experienced technicians can provide reliable, money-saving solutions for your peace of mind.

Our trusted landscapers can ensure your irrigation system is:

  • At peak efficiency throughout the year,
  • Personalized to accommodate the needs of your lawn,
  • Set to drain properly and minimize water runoff,
  • Designed to maximize the lifespan of your lawn,
  • And as sustainable and reliable as possible.

Sometimes installing a whole new system is the best way to prevent costly repairs and save money in the long run. You can rest assured we’ll go over all of your solution options with you so you can make an informed decision.

At Coastal Greens Lawn Care, we’re very knowledgable andequipped to solve virtually any problem with your irrigation system. If part of your lawn requires less water than another or if all of your landscape needs a more evenly balanced watering, our lawn irrigation professionals have you covered. We can set up a number of zones that ensure your property receives the perfect amount of water.

In the end, water conservation is critical.  Our Iawn irrigation servives are focused on protecting one of our most precious resources. If your irrigation system is not working properly, you could be wasting water and driving up your utility bill. Our irrigation service could help reduce up to 30% of your water waste.

We make all the necessary adjustments to ensure your landscape receives the right amount of water at the right time. That includes adjusting to the growing season and specific plants and grass variety in your lawn. Sign up for your irrigation services free inspection today to see how to improve your landscape, reduce water waste and save money!

We are also proud to offer a variety of maintenance packages to keep your system in optimal shape, leaving your lawn lush and green.

If you’re looking for a professional lawn irrigation service in Palm Bay FL, Melbourne FL, or South Brevard County, please call us today at 1-321-208-0857 for a free quote!


Lawn care service tips can be talked about at any time with any of our Coastal Greens employees. All of the lawn maintenance guys are experienced in the area of grass problems, or lawn related issues. Also, the owner is always available to talk one on one regarding lawn care service options, basic lawn care maintenance services, helpful garden tips, and more!

Florida has many types of grass such as Bermuda Grass, St Augustine Grass, Bahiagrass, Centipede Grass, Buffalo Grass, Zoysia Grass. It is important that your lawn care technician is able to identify the type of grass you have. This will help them know how to exactly treat the yard. All grass is different and needs to be addressed in different ways in case a grass problem surfaces.

Coastal Greens Lawn Care would like to take care of all your lawn care service and maintenance needs. We are quick to respond and offer free quotes.


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