Professional Mulching Service in Palm Bay FL

So you’ve been working hard on creating a low-maintenance landscape that you can enjoy year-round. Your soil has been amended with lots of rich compost, you’ve planted the right plants in the right places, the right trees in the right places to help conserve energy. What’s next? Here. we will help you recognize when you have an unhealthy lawn, how to resolve it, what is the solution, and a broad selection of mulch.

How To Spot An Unhealthy Lawn

1. Weeds: There will always be a few weeds in even the healthiest of lawns. When a noticeable amount starts to appear, they now become a concern for all of us. Weeds and grass are in constant fight for sunlight and energy, water, and soil nutrients. Soil that is too acidic is the most frequent source of weeds. Get your soil pH level checked if weeds appear too often on your lawn.
2. De-coloration or tints: If a bluish hue or dark shadow emerges on your lawn, it’s trying to convince you it’s dehydrated and needs water. Be sure to always look over your lawn and spot these particularly in the dry months of summer, for a bluish-green shade. with enough time, the damage should not be too aggressive, otherwise you might require additional professional lawn care.
3. Compacted soil: It can compress the land and make it harder for water and nutrients to filter through and enter the roots of the grass if you regularly walk or drive through your lawn. In this case there isn’t much you could do on your own so we recommend hiring a professional for your lawn care to fix the issue in this situation.
4. Drought soil: Lawns need a great deal of water, more water than you would expect. Casually walking on your lawn and wait for 4 to 5 minutes and see if your footsteps disappear. If not, this could mean you most likely have an unhealthy lawn and most likely is dehydrated. Furthermore, you should take a screwdriver and try to smash it into the dirt. Healthy soil makes this a simple job, because if you have a hard time moving the unit downwards, you can easily tell that your soil is definitely dry.


The Solution is Mulching

The last step in creating that low-maintenance, sustainable landscape is mulch! There are many wonderful benefits of mulch:

1. Reduced weed growth. For extended protection place 2 to 3 layers of newspaper around plants prior to mulching. The newspaper will breakdown slowly reducing the number of weed seeds that are able to germinate.

2. Reduced the amount of water needed to sustain plants. 2 to 3-inch layer of mulch will protect soil from the sun’s drying rays, thereby retaining moisture in the soil for a longer period of time, which equates to savings in water usage!

3. Cools the roots of plants in the heat of summer. Plants will be less stressed if their root system can remain cool especially those who are planted in full sun.

4. Provides nutrition to the plant as it breaks down depending on what type of mulch you use.


Mulch Options

1. Bark or wood chips – These provide good coverage and ultimately last the longest. Pine bark (a renewable resource), melaleuca and eucalyptus varieties are easily found in Florida. Cypress is also readily available but is NOT a very wise choice. Cypress is an important wetlands tree that is slow-growing. Currently, very old stands of cypress are being cut down to provide mulch and the growth rate of new cypress cannot keep up with the demand. It is better to use mulch such as a melaleuca which is an invasive tree in the state.
2. Pine needles are another great option especially if you have pine trees growing in your yard. Many local nurseries currently offer pine needle mulch.
3. Oak leaves are another great option for mulch and for adding nutrients to the soil. Plant oaks in flower beds and those beds will self-mulch when the trees drop their leaves. Free mulch and very little work to get the beds mulched.
4. Grass clippings make for a really good mulch if they do not contain a lot of chemicals. They do breakdown quickly and need to be replenished often.
5. Gravel is an option but doesn’t provide much of a block to weeds, nor any plant nutrition.
6. Rubber mulches are not the best as they do not provide any nutritional benefit to the soil and may even leach chemicals.


Mulching takes time and is an added expense, but applying a nice thick layer of it to your garden beds is essential, and well worth the extra effort in the long run. If you don’t have the time nor the resources to complete this for your garden, contact Coastal Greens Lawn Care for all your Professional Mulching Services in Palm Bay FL needs. Let us take the load off of you so you have time to enjoy the finer things in life, like admiring a great looking garden!