Lawn Care Services in Sharpes FL

Lawn Care Services in Sharpes FL

Landscaping services consist of mowing, edging, blowing, and weed control. We maintain commercial and residential properties. Monthly services are available as well as one-time cleanups. We like to keep the grass green and the yards clean. We are reliable and treat every yard like our own.

Every time we visit a yard we remove any debris on the property. We also pick up trash on the property to ensure a polished yard. We will report anything we see that needs attention. For example, ant piles, broken fences, hanging tree limbs, etc.


We specialize in turf management. We can do a full detail on shrubbery, plants, and smaller trees. Trees should be pruned in such a way that they grow back fuller and with the proper shape. These services can be quoted in addition to the monthly Lawn Care Services in Sharpes FL plan.

We also lay mulch of various colors. We want to beautify your lawn to your liking. We can lay black, red or gold mulch. Cleaning out flower beds and re-mulching really make a yard come to life. Decorative rocks are another way to brighten your yard. We can deliver and lay any decorative rock that you like. We can make suggestions or you can talk with us and show pictures to make sure your yard looks just as you picture it.

Land Clearing

Land clearing is another job that we are able to do for our customers. Many times, brush hangs over fencing and it needs to be cleared. We are quick to get a bug job done. We haul all debris and trash away from the premises. In the instance we trim bushes, brush, or trees, we always remove the debris from the premises. We do not leave any trimmings by your road. We can trim palm trees, hedges, etc.

We take pride in our customer service. We are vendors for many commercial offices. We have been maintaining yards in Brevard for 20 years. Our employees are professional and skilled in the lawn care service/maintenance profession. We maintain yards year-round and keep them looking fresh.


We use professional mowers and other equipment. We do not buy residential level mowers from Home Depot or Lowes. Our mowers are regularly serviced by mechanics who only service lawn mowers. We keep the blades sharp on the mowers, so we can cut quickly without leaving any tire tracks in the grass.

Special Issues

If there is an irrigation issue, we can help identify the problem and get your sprinklers properly watering. If the grass starts to die in spots we can help figure out that the issue is and find a resolution to the problem. It may be a fungus that needs to be killed and we can do that. We can identify the type of grass and help keep it green. Every once in a while, we may need to lay feed and seed to give the grass an extra boost to grow. The feed and seed will help the grass become fuller.

Weed control is a large part of keeping yards looking clean. Pesky weeds can creep up in flower beds. Included in our monthly rate is weed control. We will spray the weed killer in flower beds and any other areas around the property that are sprouting weeds. Flower beds can be spruced up every few months, or at the request of the customer. A fresh flower bed with no weeds helps to beautify a property. This is the case for residential or commercial landscapes.


Lawn Care Services in Sharpes FL tips can be talked about at any time with any of our Coastal Greens employees. All of the lawn maintenance guys are experienced in the area of grass problems, or lawn related issues. Also, the owner is always available to talk one on one regarding lawn care service options, basic lawn care maintenance services, helpful garden tips, and more!

Florida has many types of grass such as Bermuda Grass, St Augustine Grass, Bahiagrass, Centipede Grass, Buffalo Grass, Zoysia Grass. It is important that your lawn care technician is able to identify the type of grass you have. This will help them know how to exactly treat the yard. All grass is different and needs to be addressed in different ways in case a grass problem surfaces.

Coastal Greens Lawn Care would like to take care of all your Lawn Care Services in Sharpes FL and maintenance needs. We are quick to respond and offer free quotes.