lawn care palm bay flSummer is here, so you know what that means. Spending time at the beach, having a grill out with drinks and great food, and spending time with your friends and family. However, even though you are looking forward to your outdoor activities as well as staying inside your home when it gets too hot, you still have to invest time and effort into your summer lawn care regimen to keep your yard looking healthy and beautifully trimmed throughout the hot months of summer. Below you’ll find some of our Lawn Care Palm Bay FL tips that can help you as a homeowner make the most of your yard and have the time to enjoy your summer:

Make Sure Your Lawn Is Hydrated.

It’s best for your lawn to receive about an inch of water every week. This can be done by manually watering your lawn with a garden hose and/or an irrigation system or through rainfall. Whenever you are watering your lawn,  it’s always to best to hydrate as early as possible in the morning before the sun is able to dry up your lawn. However, make sure you don’t oversaturate your lawn with too much water.

Mow Your Lawn As Often As Possible.

This one may sound like something obvious, but the fact is that many homeowners do not mow correctly or effectively. The grass may at all times stay at a height of around 2 1⁄2 to 3 inches. There would be a more developed root structure, which in turn is more resistant to drought, by holding grass at this height. It also serves to shade the soil surface from popping up weeds fewer weeds mean less really need synthetic chemicals to kill them. Then again, during each season, make sure to refine the mower blades at least annually. Whenever you are mowing your lawn, it’s best to set your lawnmower blades as high as possible. Short grasses are able to obtain more sunlight and use the sun’s energy to produce more nutrients. Regular mowing is always recommended in order to prevent cutting more than one-third of the grass blades at a time. Pull and break the grass with rusty leaves, leaving the lawn more vulnerable to malfunction.

Grass Clippings Recycling.

As a homeowner, grass recycling is one of the safest and most ecologically aware activities for lawn care. Upon mowing, compost them back onto the grass rather than bagging up the resulting clippings. A natural supply of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, grass clippings will have an average of one application of fertilizer each year! Not to mention, you save landfill space by avoiding luggage, which is sadly where half of the bags wind up. Instead of bagging your grass clippings, you can redistribute them across your lawn. Doing this helps supply your yard’s soil with essential nutrients, as well as additional shade.

Watering Efficiently

Not only is the effective use of water an essential aspect of lawn maintenance, but also in the protection of the environment. Water is a resource that your lawn will need a lot particularly during the hot days of summer and droughts which seem to become more and more of a hassle these days with temperatures rising. The best time to water is in the morning, allowing the water to better soak into the soil and be consumed by the roots. Lawns usually need their normal amount of rain, so watering about twice a week should be appropriate. As a homeowner, when preparing your watering schedule, don’t forget to take the normal rain season into account. There is no need for watering during periods when it is raining pretty frequently.

Resist The Urge To Fertilize.

If your lawn is looking really dry because of the summer heat, please do your best not to fertilize. Applying extra fertilizer in the heat of the summer months can potentially burn your lawn. It’s best to prepare your lawn for summer by fertilizing in the spring, stopping at least 30 days before hot temperatures arrive.

Avoid Insect Infestations.

Lawns that are not hydrated on a consistent basis are a welcome sight to insect infestations from pests such as fire ants, mosquitoes, fleas, chinch bugs and many more. Smaller infestations will often take care of themselves, but if serious problems persist, call your pest control company immediately.

These are just a handful of Lawn Care Palm Bay FL tips to help you keep your lawn in great shape for the hot summer as a residential homeowner. At Coastal Green Lawn Care, we suggest to let us take care of your lawn care needs for the summer. Why spend this fun time to mow your lawn when we can do all of the work for you. From tree trimming to detailed landscaping, we can handle it all. For information about our Lawn Care Palm Bay FL services, please be sure to contact us today!