Selecting the right professional landscaping service can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what questions you should ask. Use these tips so you know what to ask your landscaping service professional to make the process as smooth as possible.

Choosing Your Services

First, decide what professional landscaping service you need. Examples of some services may include mowing, fertilizing, weed control, tree trimming, mulching, and landscaping design. Once you have determined what you need, contact your local landscaping service professional and see if they offer the services you need.

If you’re looking to hire a company do your mowing, find out how frequently they will come, what their policy is regarding missed visits due to bad weather, and how will they communicate that to you? Coastal Greens Lawn Care is a professional when it comes to your lawn care service needs. Every time we visit a yard we remove any debris on the property and pick up trash on the property to ensure a polished yard. We will report anything we see that needs attention like ant piles, broken fences, hanging tree limbs, and more


Researching your desired professional landscaping service company is crucial. They need to be able to communicate with you and know what you’re looking for and have the confidence and expertise to complete the work. For references, you can look into past projects, client testimonials and reviews to answer these questions about the landscaping service:

  • Did they do a good job?
  • Are their clients happy?
  • Does the landscaper provide referrals or testimonials?
  • What does a typical project look like for them?

The answer to these questions will help you decide whether or not to continue pursuing their services. Coastal Greens Lawn Care has the experience and expertise to complete a wide range of services.

If you’re looking for professional commercial and residential landscaping services in Palm Bay, Melbourne, and Southern Brevard areas, contact us at 321-208-0857 for a FREE estimate. We would love to bring your residential/commercial landscaping ideas to life.