Interested In Having A Greener Lawn?

There are many positives to having a comprehensive care program. If you want a green lawn, here are some great techniques: Mowing blade height, mowing pattern, clipping bag, and mulch. Let’s break this down and explain each technique better.

The height of a mowing blade actually does play a factor in the way your lawn turns out after a mow. Mowing too short can create stress, cause it to burn, and makes the lawn favorable for weeds. If you cut it too tall, the grass will look unsightly. It’s not good for the turf if you cut it more than 1/3 of the grass height. Keep the blade sharp, I’d recommend sharpening the blade once every 3-4 months. Mowing the grass with blades that are dull can rip the grass up and make them susceptible to insect infestation and diseases.

The pattern in which you mow your grass also plays a factor in how it looks. Mowers tend to leave tracks in the grass which in turn makes a design in the lawn. A simple solution to this is to pick an alternative direction to mow your grass and try not to go over the same spot multiple times. Horizontal, vertical, and diagonal patterns are good patterns for lawn care. Making sure you don’t dig into the grass with the wheels of the mower.

Obviously, when cutting grass you are going to get blades and shavings everywhere. Nowadays there are clipping bags. They make these bags so that you can reduce the leaves and overall debris left by the mower. This method does require more work, but is worth the time. It will give you a better visual result than a traditional mower. During the summer months is when this method becomes prime in action. The dry grass and leaves will be everywhere and you’ll want something to pick it up as you go to prevent unhealthy grass.


Optimizing the way that you mow the lawn is an easy way to increase the way a lawn looks. These tips should advance your mowing technique and improve the visual appearance of your lawn. We have services for lawn care, ask us about any of them at 321-208-0857!